Amanda Stephan Photography

Trale and Laura.

The first time I met Laura and her Mom I was instantly in love with both of them!  They were constantly smiling, laughing and were so easy to talk to.  I knew right away that I could definitely be friends with them.  Trale was unable to meet with us because he was out hunting…he is a very avid hunter and Laura is so cute and is learning the hunting “lingo.”

They met at NAU their freshman year and have since both graduated with their undergrads from NAU and are now working on graduate school!  They are both very active and outdoorsy…is that even a word? haha. They instantly made it clear that their engagement session had to be up North where they met.  I was so excited to take a little road trip and spend the afternoon with them.  Sadly it decided to rain on us that day…and I’m not talking about the usual AZ rain where it sprinkles here and there.  The sky was slowly becoming black and the clouds were thick, but we made it work!  They were such good sports about the nasty weather.

A big thanks to the fabulous Sara Ratcliff for assisting me that day, we had a blast with these two!  Trale is currently in medical school and we had fun teasing him about having to deliver my baby….now that would make for some awesome bonding time! hahaha.

Laura has a “thing” with flexing her muscles….um, if I had those arms I would too! The weekend after we did their engagements she ran a marathon…yes, that is 26 miles, she’s amazing!

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