Amanda Stephan Photography

Let’s get Personal: My assistant.

I’m going to guess that the fact that I have an assistant will most likely surprise those I am close with and who know my business well….but it’s true, I have an assistant that is by my side everyday, all day long.  And when I sit at my desk for too long she happily reminds me that she needs some attention too, and this is how she does it….don’t mind the dirty glass desk…or the not so great pics….

That’s right, Naiya is my assistant.  She lays under my desk or behind my chair every single day.  She has this attachment issue where she is always right by my side…which of course I don’t mind.  The only time she leaves me is to go out back and work on her tan….I will have to get a picture of that for you, she lays on her back with all fours straight up in the air, and yes, it’s very lady like…haha.

Do you notice how she won’t look at me? She does this whenever I grab a camera, even if it’s the small digital one….she avoids the camera like it’s the plague.

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