Amanda Stephan Photography

Kelbey Sailor.

This little lady is very special to me, her Mom and I are good friends and I just adore their entire family. I am also convinced that her Mother is really Superwoman because she is truly amazing and a great Mother to her adorable girls. ┬áThis little angel makes kid #4 and girl #4 for their family….talk about some girl power up in that house! Her middle name, Sailor, isn’t just a fun name her family loves…she was given this special name after her Grandpa who has been in the navy for 30 years. ┬áTalk about a special name for a special little girl.

holli horton says:

love the first one!

Waaaaay too many compliments there Missy! Definitely not superwoman!! These are adorable and I am so glad to have such a talented friend!! Love you lady!

Lauri Woolsey says:

These are beautiful, Amanda as always! Great job.

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