Amanda Stephan Photography

Hello there beautiful…

If you haven’t seen a beautiful baby lately I am here to help!  Look at those BIG brown eyes!  She was the sweetest, most calm 7 month old ever.  Ok….so maybe she was a little tired because she decided not to take a nap in the morning like she usually does but hey, she was incredible!  And I must add that I think all babies just know they are about to have their pictures taken and just can’t sleep because they are so excited! haha…it seems like everyone says the same thing when I show up…oh, the baby decided not to sleep! That’s when I reassure them that it doesn’t matter….every baby is beautiful no matter what they are doing….crawling, smiling, spitting up, crying, clapping…the list goes on and on.


That is one gorgeous baby! Love that first photo of her! Beautiful work!

Thanks Amanda for such great pics. They are so beautiful.

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