Amanda Stephan Photography

Brandon and Chakeia.

I remember exactly how and when Chakeia and I met…it was at the bridal show.  She grabbed my flyer and proceeded to stuff it in her purse…instead of the bag they give you.  I joked with her about putting it in her purse and she laughed back and said it was because she liked my booth…and then she was gone.  It was that simple…nothing fancy…and then she emailed me, explained what she wanted and told me to make it happen.  She knew exactly what she wanted and I knew that I instantly liked her.

Brandon and Chakeia compliment each other perfectly.  He was quiet, she was more outspoken but one thing they shared…laughter.  All he had to do was look at her a certain way or whisper something in her ear and she was laughing.

I loved working with these two and I loved their images so much I really couldn’t narrow it down…I promise I tried…ok, maybe I didn’t try very hard.


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your images never cease to amaze me, girl!

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